Diner Dash Game
Diner Dash Game
Diner Dash Game

Diner Dash (also often called Dinner Dash or Diner Dish games, but these are wrong titles) is a very popular game series about a girl called Flo. She builds her career in a restaurant business starting as a waitress and advancing to the owner of Restaurant Empire. Diner Dash was one of the first games in popular Time Management games genre. Some sources even state that Diner Dash gave the beginning to this genre. The first part was very popular and hit first places in the games best sellers lists. Due to such a great success Diner Dash gameplay was copied in many other games, but the original series stays on of the best in Time Management games due to the elegant graphics, great sound and polished gameplay.

In Time Management games you have to perform many actions at the same time. Diner Dash games is about the restaurants, so your goal is to keep your customers happy. You have to take orders, remove dirty plates, serve dishes, gather tips and so on. It seems to be rather easy but when you have many tables it may become a rather challenging task.

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Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios

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Flo's restaurant business keeps growing. Her friend has requested Flo's help. She has her own TV show with a large crew and every person needs to be fed. Help Flo to develop a great TV-themed restaurant.

This game is packed with an ultimate Dash action. You will be developing menu, cook meals, serve the tables and perform all other activities. It's a hard and interesting task to keep cast pleased with service and you will need all your time management skills to prove you can do it.

Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios Screenshots
Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios Screenshot Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios Screenshot
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